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What Are Ceramic Coatings ?


Ceramic car coating, glass coatings, liquid glass, nano ceramic coating, ceramic glass, nano coating for car, car paint protection coating, is there a difference between all these products? Well, no, not really. All these terms are used to describe a nano coating based on silica/silicon dioxide (a key ingredient in glass). These nano coatings are hydrophobic, hard, heat and weather resistant, and this is what makes them so perfect for your vehicle.



Why its Best for Ontarians?


This protective coating for cars forms bonds with the substrate at the nanomolecular level, and will not wash away or break down like a wax. A ceramic car coating makes your car paint more resilient, stays cleaner longer and is much easier to clean. In the land of long winters and ice storms, cars in Ontario can use every bit of help they can get.

What Can A Ceramic Coating Do For You And Your Car ?

The shine and gloss from a ceramic coating is like nothing else. We can confidently say that your car will look better than new. The incredible look a coated car has is largely due to the paint correction/machine polishing and decontamination process performed to the paint before a coating is applied. We pride ourselves on achieving the best finish possible, then locking it in with a quality coating. Ceramic coatings have a hydrophobic surface, with great beading and water and dirt repelling properties. This results in your car staying cleaner for longer and makes washing easier.